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Rox’suba Publishing is the brainchild of S. A. Henry, author of the novel Keepers of the Godwill: Godfall. Following the completion of his first novel, he spent a great deal of time thinking on the underlying reason why he chose to become an author in the first place.

Upon reflection, he realised that writing a novel that covers history from so many cultures, civilisations and spiritual systems, was in itself a way to gift the world with the knowledge he himself had been gifted. Thinking about the spark that preceded his desire to write in order to share and teach, S. A. Henry recalled an Ethiopian proverb, “he who learns, teaches”.

Using the ancient Metu Neter (Kemetan, “Ancient Egyptian” name for their language. Translates to “word of god” or “god’s word”), he took the word “Rox” which means “Learn” and the word “Esuba”, which means “Teach” and Rox’suba Publishing was born.

To further make this platform a vehicle born of his belief in the importance of sharing knowledge, he used the Adinkra Symbol, “nea onnim no sua a, ohu” in the logo. The meaning of the symbol and it’s name translates to “He who does not know can know from learning”. The full logo now reflects his full reason for writing:

“He who does not know can know from learning so he who learns must teach”

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